What comes after DevOps?

If you ask 10 DevOps professionals “What is DevOps?”, you are likely to get 20 different answers. After many debates I have come to the conclusion that I am no longer practicing what is commonly…


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How we rate

Hello there!

We here at MC server reviews, like to make sure that we are reviewing correctly and giving the servers the rating they deserve. If you think your rating is wrong to submit a ticket in our discord.

1/10 — Server lacked features // Lag makes games unplayable // Not enough players // Horrible Staff Team.

2/10 — Huge gaps in server plugins // Huge amount of lag // Few players // No In-game support // Copied Plugins.

3/10 — Issues playing// Plugins not finished // Lag effects gameplay // Few staff interactions.

4/10 — Public Plugins // Downloaded Map // Lag

5/10 — Staff on most of the time // Plugins almost finished // Little to no lag.

6/10 — Good staff team // Unique features.

7/10 — Custom Plugins // Active support team.

8/10 — Custom Plugins // Custom Maps // Active Support // Few hackers

9/10 — Little lag // Custom Everything // Active staff.

10/10 — Custom Plugins // No lag // Active Staff // Custom Maps // Fast Support // Community Forum // Server Looks nice.

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