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OneLedger Business Solution

Company OneLedger enters the market with the ICO project which will provide commercial companies and entrepreneurs with simple and powerful tool to create, develop and integrate block chain technologies into business processes.

The existing or new networks of companies made with the help of the solutions OneLedger can be flexibly adjusted to use all the opportunities of a modern block chain market. The project clients will be provided with the following services:

Read more about the solutions OneLedger:

The project protocol uses the technology HTLC (hash timelocks contracts). These are program controlling elements of the block chain network codes providing for complex, flexible and safe transaction algorithms. For instance, HTLC protocols are used in such promising project as Lightning Network. Hash timelocks contracts in the system OneLedger help to build the mechanisms connecting the project block chains with the networks of other companies.

These mechanisms can be applied for business, for example, to make the trading schemes or to exchange various cryptocurrencies without the use of main digital coins such as Bitcoin and Aether.

Making one’s own block chain network by a project user becomes significantly easier comparing with the design, making and support of a distributed register with the help of one’s own resources. The OneLedger technology allows for creating user side chains applying project consensus mechanisms. A block chain can be either permissioned or permissionless. In the first case the client can make advantage of the powerful tools OneLedger provides for network user role control.

The application scope of a distributed p2p register (block chain) in business depends on the entrepreneur’s imagination only — one article is not enough to enumerate all possible options.

SDK (software development kit — toolkit for software development) OneLedger, which is operated in the framework of this project service, allows the users to issue universal smart-contracts and decentralized applications without having to adapt, fully reformat or correct them to be implemented on other smart-contract platforms. The project client can make one smart contract (or dApp) which will operate on any set platforms.

Its advantages for business are beyond any doubt as now there is no need to search for the software developers who have the skills of software development for every single platform. OneLedger provides for the cost-efficiency, flexibility and promptness of commercial projects.

The identification platform, developed by OneLedger, uses a pair of public and private master keys for all the networks connected to the system and demonstrates the resources of joint use of various databases: other companies’ block chains; internal company’s networks, distributed registers created by users.

The business schemes using this service are multiple: Big Data processing and application; user assets management in numerous registers by one account; combining with other solutions OneLedger — multi-level schemes of access provision and delegation of powers.

The project developers prepared a comprehensive and multi-functional solution for the clients with any competence level: business portal where the users can independently make up a necessary configuration of OneLedger from separate modules the way one builds something from various constructing set components. The modules represent business logic elements designed to assist the transformation of most traditional commercial chains for their joint use with block chain technologies.

This is one more valid argument in favor of OneLedger use for any business type as due to the project technologies the barrier of the block chain area entry is going to significantly lower.

In general, the idea of the OneLedger technology and the details of its future implementation sound quite promising: the market needs such universal and convenient tools — the integration of traditional business processes with block chain technologies and the means uniting isolated eco-systems of various companies will be highly-demanded. Hopefully, the project ICO will be successful and the subsequent work of OneLedger specialists will result in a successful and popular product.

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