GopherCon London 2018 Notes

Debuggers From Scratch. “GopherCon London 2018 Notes” is published by Aaron Kalair.


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The way our stories are constructed is actually quite brilliant.

Our body/mind systems know exactly what is needed.

We can feel exactly when “Something is missing”.

What’s missing? The End.

The End of the story we’ve started.

And it probably started a long, long time ago.

Our minds might think that the desired end of the story will happen with a new job, or a new lover, or a new client, or a new house.

But actually, it is much simpler.

If we go deeper, and we don’t believe the default interpretation of the issue, we have a chance at really bringing our internal stories to an end.

That which feels to be “missing” in our lives — it’s not what we tend to think.

It’s just completion of the energy which is “Up”. It just needs to come “Down”.

Resolving something which has been “Up” for decades can feel impossible.

It can feel like it’s “Who we are”. But it’s not. Even if moving it forward is beyond what we can even fathom.

It takes a certain dance. A highly creative expression. A distinct movement that we’ve never allowed ourselves to experience before.

And when we do….


The world comes crashing down in the most beautiful way.

Completion is yours. It always has been. Allow it.

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