Stone Edge

Stepping on this paved walkway I see how the line of this path goes on I seek to count all my steps with much mindfulness of how far the path I have taken as I have grown. I stop a step softer…


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A Person Without Any Special Talent

For the last three years I have tried several times to open a personal blog. Of course there are tons of things to share but it’s not an easy task for an average woman who is suffering with generalized anxiety and depression.

Yes, I am average at every single thing! I am a 26 years old woman, married and working as a software developer in a tech start up.

I apologize for my not so good English. I would like to write about my thoughts, struggles, dreams, philosophy, interests and certainly depression.

I would love to hear your response and thoughts as well. Hope to come up with something good that you can relate with you and think, “Oh this is so me!”

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