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How do LCD projectors work?

how LCD projector works

LCD Projectors are becoming more popular with each passing day because of their fantastic performance and ease of use. However, not many people know how they actually work or why they’re so great. Let’s take a closer look at how an LCD projector really works!

When light enters a room it bounces off different surfaces and reflects back up towards a single point source like your eyes (a mirrored surface).

The light that is reflected back will always appear brighter than the source of the light. This is similar to how a candle looks brighter when it’s being lit in a dark room than when it’s in direct sunlight.

This property is known as “Light Contrast Ratio”, and something to look for if you want the best image quality possible. For example, a good LCD projector will have a contrast ratio of 2000:1 (2000 times brighter than black). This allows your image to be crisp and bright with rich colors, making it look truly amazing!

Most ordinary projectors use a lamphouse to project the image on-screen. But because LCD projectors can use LCDs without a lamphouse, they don’t need to use any bulky and heavy components that would otherwise be necessary for a traditional projector.

This means that your projector does not have to be heavy and inconvenient to carry around with you. It also conserves energy since it doesn’t need an expensive lamphouse! As you can see, up here with me, I’m using my cheap and cheerful Casio MX200 (and no joke, the picture is quite good).

Now it’s time to see if it is actually worth buying a LCD projector. I’ll try to make this as simple and straightforward as possible.

LCD Projectors are more expensive than traditional projectors, but they also offer a much better image quality if you look at all the factors that we looked at earlier.

LCD projectors are easier to use with less hassle than traditional projection systems, so you won’t have any troubles operating them. They also save you money by cutting down on the cost of lamp houses and UV lamps needed so that your projector does not have to be heavy or large.

But there’s more! Not only will an LCD projector be a lot easier to use (and cheaper to run), but it will also look better.

That’s because an LCD projector uses a matrix of panels (just like a TV) to display images instead of using lamps. This allows the image to be bright and crisp without any annoying ‘halo’ effect you see when viewing traditional projectors.

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