How do LCD projectors work?

For those of you who are interested in learning how LCD projectors work, this blog post is the place to go! It will teach you how an LCD projector works, what makes it unique from other projectors…


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How I Scaled Portugal in 5 Days

Praia Dona Ana

Portugal seems to have become a popular destination among tourists but this country has always been booming with treasured gems.

Pena Palace

One of the best things about Portugal is that if you’re on a budget, Portugal is easy on your pockets. Not only is it one of the cheaper European countries but it is also a great place to explore. You have breathtaking rock formations and beaches, medieval castles, and the best egg tarts you’ll ever have in your life!


For this trip, I did have a stricter budget to abide by but it was not difficult to accommodate. My Airbnbs in each city were less than $50/night. This is normally my preferred choice being that it’s more bang for your buck and you can find some really nice spots with super friendly and accommodating hosts!


I also didn’t have much time to work with but I made Portugal happen in 5 days (not including travel days). On top of that, I covered the north (Porto), middle (Lisbon), and south (Lagos). So, you know it’s real.

I started off in Porto (Oporto), then Lagos (Lagoa), and lastly Lisbon (Lisboa). It would have made sense to visit Lisbon after Porto to just trek down to Lagos but I had Lisbon as the last leg of my trip to simply to make it easier to fly home back to the states.

I was told that two days in Porto was sufficient but due to the time crunch, I reduced it to a day to spend more time in the other cities; I gave Lagos 1.5 days, and Lisbon 2.5 so I could take a day trip to Sintra.

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